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Artwork by Mark Miller

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About Mark Miller

Mark Miller Mark Miller: "I have always had a keen interest and appreciation for wildlife, the natural world, geology and all of our natural treasures, especially our American West. Starting in college, my approach began with establishing an 'artistic' eye. My interests were not really so much "biological documentation", but a desire for special experiences that were unique and inspiring, and then using learned skills to capture those moments. I began photographing outdoors in college and have been photographing ever since.

If you are interested in acquiring any of my artwork, I am truly flattered. Of utmost importance to me is that you, the customer, are satisfied. Thus for the wall art- prints, metal prints, etc.- if for some reason you want my artwork but feel the price is a bit high, or you are looking to buy in quantity, please email me and we can work out a price! Email:

I will simply find out what your interest is, and for you, just reset the price one time. Let's make a deal! If you want my work, one way or another I want to be sure you get it.

My tip of the day: "There is no real destination in the arts. Despite what many may think, you are never really "there". Instead, it's all a constant learning and improving journey."

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